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Tempo Therapeutic Massage, LLC Loyalty Program

Welcome to the new loyalty program!  I wanted a way to reward my most loyal and regular clients.  If you have been in for a massage more than once, you are already a member of the new program and have a reward waiting for you!  Here is how it works.

Your rewards are called Zen Bucks.  They are basically points that you earn that can be used to provide discounts for future services.  While Zen Bucks have no actual cash value, they do translate to a discount that can be used at future appointments.  Zen Bucks are accumulated and used in 5 Zen Bucks increments.

To accumulate Zen Bucks, you just need to schedule your next appointment at the time you pay for or finish your current appointment.  When you come in for that next scheduled appointment you will receive 5 Zen Bucks on your loyalty card.  You can then use those Zen Bucks for a $5.00 discount at that scheduled massage.  Or you have the option to let them accumulate.  You can use up to 25 Zen Bucks, in 5 Zen Bucks increments, as a discount toward the purchase of any 60 or 90-minute service.

If you have had at least two appointments with Tempo Therapeutic Massage, LLC you already have 5 Zen Bucks on your card.  Those 5 Zen Bucks can be used for a $5.00 discount at your next massage.  And if you schedule your next appointment at that time you are eligible to receive another 5 Zen Bucks.  It’s that simple!  If you reschedule at each appointment, you may never have to pay full price again!

As another bonus, to reward my most loyal clients over the years, you will receive 25 Zen Bucks for every 25 paid massages you have received.  Some of you who have been with me since the beginning will already have that reward on their card. Others may be close to that reward.  I keep track so when you have had 25 massages, the 25 Zen Bucks will be applied to your card.  Your balance will be available to you at each appointment.  If you would like to apply a reward and receive a discount, just mention that as you check out and schedule your next appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to carry another rewards card?
Absolutely not!  The rewards cards will be kept in the office.

How do I know my reward balance?
Just ask.  Your card has a unique code that can be scanned by my phone to view or use your reward.

I buy a package.  Will I still be able to accumulate rewards?
Yes, you will.  As long as you schedule your next appointment and come to that appointment, you will get 5 Zen Bucks.

What if I can't make it to my scheduled appointment and have to reschedule?
No problem.  Just come to the rescheduled appointment.  Just remember, if you don’t show, or don’t reschedule, you won’t receive the 5 Zen Bucks reward for that appointment.

What if I don't know my schedule and can't schedule my next appointment while I am in the office?
If you call and schedule within 3 business days, you are still eligible for the reward when you come to that next appointment.  If you don’t schedule within those 3 days, you will not be eligible for that reward.

How many Zen Bucks can be used at once?
You can use up to 25 Zen Bucks, in multiples of 5, for every 60-minute massage you purchase.  For example if you have 25 Zen Bucks on your card, you can apply 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 Zen Bucks for the corresponding discount toward a 60-minute massage or package.  If you have 100 Zen Bucks and are buying a package of 3 60-minute massages, you can apply up to 75 Zen Bucks for a $75 discount off of that package.  That’s like getting a free massage!

What if I only get 30-minute massages?
You will still get 5 Zen Bucks each time you reschedule and come to your next appointment.  You can apply up to 10 Zen Bucks toward each 30-minute massage.  For example, if you buy a package of 3 30-minute massages, you will be able to apply up to 30 Zen Bucks to the purchase of that package.

Do my Zen Bucks expire?
No, they do not expire.  You can save them as long as you wish.  Just remember that they can only be used as points toward discounts for massage services and do not have a cash value.

Contact Tracy if you have any other questions.